Taylors Trailers

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Our Own Box Trailers Built to Last

Taylors Trailers are our own brand of high quality locally manufactured trailers. Made from Australian Steel, these are welded together in Cairns before they’re sent down to Townsville to get Hot-Dipped Galvanized by APG ( Australian Professional Galvanizers).

Our range of Australian-made box trailers are built to last and withstand the Australian climate. Only top-quality materials and components have been utilized in the manufacture of our range to ensure that our customers enjoy the benefits of many years of trouble-free use.

We are authorised by the Qld Dep Of Transport to register trailers in our yard, saving you time and money. Bring your ID in and we take care of the rest.

Taylors Trailers Cairns keeps a wide range of locally manufactured Trailer sizes IN STOCK, HERE IN CAIRNS. Come in and do a deal!


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  • Taylors Trailers 6x4HS / 7x4SS / 7x4HS

  • Taylors Trailers 6x4MD / 7x4MD / 8x5MD

  • Taylors Trailers 7x5SS / 7x5HS / 8x4SS / 8x4HS / 8x5SS / 8x5HS

  • Taylors Trailers 8x5Tss / 8x5Ths